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Emerging from the rainy and creative city of Bergen, Norway, in 2021, Melt Motif is the brainchild of musician Kenneth Rasmus Greve. His aim was to create music that defied genre, constrained exclusively by the extent of imagination. This vision took shape when he was joined by Rakel, a vocalist with a background in choir and operatic performance. Their artistic fusion gave life to Melt Motif’s unique sonic identity.

Even before their debut, Melt Motif’s potential was recognized by Apollon Records, a Norwegian label. The label’s confidence in their unique sound was evident when they signed the band, despite the absence of any public releases. The band’s debut single, Everything Will Disappear, was unveiled on December 17th, 2021, marking the beginning of their musical journey.

In the initial months of 2022, Melt Motif released a succession of singles that gradually built anticipation for their first album. This culminated in the release of A White Horse Will Take You Home on May 20th, 2022. The album garnered critical acclaim, drawing comparisons to trailblazers such as Portishead, Goldfrapp, and Nine Inch Nails.

Melt Motif - A White Horse Will Take You Home

The excitement around Melt Motif’s debut was sustained when, just four months later, they released the remix album Vandalism Vol. 1. It included a standout techno remix of “Mine” by German artist äbvsd, which resonated with the underground music scene and beyond.

As Melt Motif embarked on a journey of evolution and sound expansion, they welcomed Joe Irente, a producer and musician from São Paulo, Brazil, into their fold. Irente had already made a significant contribution to the band as the mixing engineer of their first album. His seamless integration into Melt Motif enriched their sonic palette and played a crucial role in the creation of their upcoming album, demonstrating the band’s commitment to continuous growth.

Melt Motif - Particles. Death Objective

On April 28th, 2023, Melt Motif unveiled Particles. Death Objective. Critical reception was effusive, with Ramzine exalting it as a celebration of electronic excellence and Suffissocore praising Rakel’s otherworldly vocals. Melt Motif’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries was further exemplified when Vandalism Vol. 2 was released later that year, showcasing an array of compelling remixes in collaboration with recognized artists.

The year 2024 began with the release of Red Velvet Ant, Melt Motif’s third collaboration with Swedish industrial maestro Processor. Accompanied by a visually striking music video, the single continued to cement the band’s reputation for avant-garde artistry. During this time, Melt Motif also honored their musical influences with covers such as Iggy Pop & The Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog and Lee Hazlewood’s The Night Before.

Melt Motif’s exploration of the arts extended beyond music, venturing into film. They collaborated with Erik Ferguson on the soundtrack for the movie Pilgrim, releasing a teaser as a music video and sharing the soundtrack’s preliminary version with their audience.

As 2024 progresses, Melt Motif remains a hive of creative activity. They are poised to release two remixes for other artists in the summer and are also dedicated to developing their next studio album. With an uncompromising vision and an expanding fan base, Melt Motif continues to challenge the borders of electronic music and invite listeners into their entrancing soundscapes.

Last modified: May 16, 2024

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