A very dystopic soundtrack, with some light: “Pilgrim”

Written by:

Known for creating music described as cinematic, Melt Motif leaps into making sounds and songs for the moving picture. Expect non-traditional compositions and a lot of noise.

Visual artist Erik Ferguson, known for his bizarre art and the visuals in the Netflix movie “Fantastic Fungi,” and Melt Motif have collaborated on the movie “Pilgrim.” The movie is still a work in progress, but the soundtrack can soon be enjoyed. “You Can Have My Soul” will be released on March 26, and the entire soundtrack is expected by the end of April. A teaser for the movie, in the shape of a music video for the song “Corridor,” will be released alongside the album.

Track titles:
1. Kuiper Dust
2. Back To The Spine
3. Exomoon
4. Unwanted
5. You Can Have My Soul
6. En Caul
7. Corridor
8. Black Light
9. To Bend Time
10. Otherside
11. Betelgeuse
12. Death Message
13. Embryo

Recorded in Studio Deux, Bergen, Norway, and Sala Secreta, São Paulo, Brazil
Produced by Kenneth Rasmus Greve and Joe Irente
Mixed by Joe Irente
Mastered by Vincent Uhlig

Release date: April 26. 2024

Last modified: March 8, 2024